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Perfect for companies and authorities: metal filing cabinets are long-lasting solutions for safely storing your documents.

Thanks to robust quality and high-quality workmanship, your documents are optimally protected in a metal office cabinet. Lockable filing cabinets provide additional security, allowing only authorized persons to access particularly confidential documents.

Whether you're looking for a space-saving solution or a spacious metal filing cabinet, we have options for you. You can easily choose the right model for your needs from a variety of fronts, sizes and colors from our extensive range. Discover our collection of metal filing cabinets and office cabinets today.

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More security with lockable filing cabinets

Increase the security of your confidential documents with our high-quality, lockable metal filing cabinets. At Lüllmann we understand how important it is to protect sensitive data - be it in the form of paper documents or important files. That's why we offer an exclusive selection of filing cabinets specifically designed to keep your documents safe and secure.

Our lockable filing cabinets are equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms, including cylinder locks and hook bolt locks, providing an optimal security solution for your confidential documents. Each cabinet comes with two matching keys, so you always have a replacement on hand if one gets lost. These locking systems are not only robust and reliable, but also user-friendly, allowing quick and easy access to contents without compromising on security.

Choosing one of our lockable metal filing cabinets is particularly beneficial for companies that regularly work with confidential information and documents. Whether it's personal data, confidential business plans or sensitive research results, our cabinets ensure that your information is securely protected from unauthorized access.

Invest in the security of your valuable documents with a filing cabinet from Lüllmann, which not only impresses with its security features, but is also an asset to any office thanks to its attractive design. Choose security and quality, choose Lüllmann for your confidential documents.


Robust & durable: High quality metal office cabinets

Our high-quality metal office cabinets set new standards in terms of quality and durability. Designed for intensive use in everyday office life, our metal filing cabinets offer superior stability and durability, which clearly sets them apart from conventional cabinets, especially those made of wood.

The heart of our office cabinets is the carefully welded metal body. This design not only guarantees exceptional robustness and stability, but also high resilience. Compared to wooden cabinets that can buckle under the weight of heavy file folders or office supplies, our metal cabinets offer a durable solution without sagging or warping.

The shelves in our cupboards are specially designed to easily withstand even heavy contents. This high resilience makes our metal cabinets the ideal choice for storing a variety of office supplies, from thick bundles of files to heavy books or office equipment. Thanks to the robust construction and high-quality materials, our metal office cabinets promise many years of use without any loss of quality.

In addition to their functionality, our filing cabinets also impress with their timeless design that fits seamlessly into any office environment. Choose a storage solution for your office that not only impresses with its practical advantages, but also with its aesthetic appeal.

Invest in the future of your office with our high-quality, robust and stable metal office cabinets. Experience the difference in quality and durability and ensure a professional and tidy work environment that can easily withstand daily demands.


Buy metal filing cabinets in various designs online from Lüllmann

Our diverse collection includes models with hinged doors, sliding doors and roller shutters, so you can choose the perfect option for your office environment to suit your specific needs and the style of your office.

Hinged doors offer the classic look and the advantage of full opening, making it easier to access the entire contents of the cabinet. Sliding doors are an excellent choice for offices with limited space as they require less room to open. Roller shutters offer a flexible and space-saving solution, ideal for tight spaces, and add a modern touch to any office.

Our filing cabinets are available in different heights and widths to ensure that a suitable solution can be found for every need and every office size. Whether you are looking for a compact storage solution for a small office or need generous storage space for a spacious work environment, you will find the right size at Lüllmann.

We also offer a range of color options, including elegant charcoal, which will blend seamlessly into any office design and provide a professional look. The selection of colors allows you to choose the filing cabinet not only based on functionality, but also on aesthetic grounds, creating an appealing working atmosphere.

With such a wide range of front options, sizes and colors, Lüllmann offers the flexibility you need to find the perfect filing cabinet for your office that meets both your storage needs and style desires. Discover our selection online and benefit from the quality and variety that Lüllmann has to offer to optimally equip your office while ensuring a safe and organized workplace.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about our metal filing cabinets

When should a filing cabinet be lockable?

A lockable filing cabinet is an essential component in any office environment where security and data protection play a central role. The need for a lockable filing cabinet is essential, especially in situations where confidential or sensitive documents and records need to be stored. Below are specific scenarios and reasons why and when a filing cabinet should be lockable:

1. Confidential documents:

If your office works with confidential information that is not intended to be accessible to the public or even to all employees, a lockable metal office cabinet provides the security necessary to protect these documents from unauthorized access.

2. Sensitive documents:

Sensitive documents, such as personnel files, financial reports or contractual documents, often contain information that could cause harm if disclosed. A lockable filing cabinet effectively secures these documents.

3. Authorities and legal requirements:

In many cases, government regulations and data protection laws explicitly require the secure storage of personal data or other sensitive information. For authorities, lawyers, tax consultants and similar professional groups, a lockable filing cabinet is not just a recommendation, but a necessity.

4. Protection against unauthorized access:

Regardless of the type of documents, a lockable filing cabinet provides an additional layer of security against theft, espionage, or accidental viewing by unauthorized parties. This is particularly relevant in office environments where many people have access.

5. Data protection and compliance:

Now more than ever, companies are required to protect personal data and information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other local data protection laws. A lockable cabinet helps meet these needs by providing a physical protection mechanism against potential data breaches.

6. Ensuring security:

In addition to protecting against unauthorized access, lockable filing cabinets also play a role in a company's overall security strategy. They help create a safe work environment where employees and customers alike can be confident that sensitive information is protected.

In any context where privacy and information security are a priority, investing in a quality, lockable filing cabinet is a wise decision. It's not just about meeting regulatory requirements, but also about the trust and security you offer your employees, customers and partners.

Choosing the right size metal filing cabinet depends on a variety of factors, including the space available in your office, the amount of documents and folders to be stored, and your specific document organization and accessibility needs. To find the perfect filing cabinet for your needs, you should consider the following aspects:

1. Determine the required capacity:

Think about how many folders and documents you need to keep. The default folder height serves as a good basis for calculating the space required. An average folder requires about 7.5 cm width on the shelf. Plan additional space for future documents to avoid running out of space again in the short term.

2. Measurement of available space:

Before choosing a filing cabinet, accurately measure the area where the cabinet will sit. Consider the height, width and depth of the available space. Make sure there is enough room to open doors (particularly with hinged doors) or pull out drawers without obstructing the flow of traffic in the room.

3. Understanding standard filing cabinet dimensions:

Metal filing cabinets come in various standard sizes. The height usually varies between 100 cm (for smaller models) and 195 cm (for larger models). The width often ranges from 80 cm to 120 cm, while the depth can be between 40 cm and 45 cm. These dimensions are crucial to ensure that the cabinet will both fit your space and provide enough storage space.

4. Consideration of room size and layout:

The size of the room and the general layout of the office play an important role in deciding the size of the filing cabinet. In smaller offices, tall, narrow cabinets could save space, while in larger offices, wider models with multiple shelves may be more practical.

5. Folder height adjustment:

Most filing cabinets are designed to accommodate standard file folders, the spines of which are typically about 12 inches high. Make sure that the shelves in the cabinet are adjustable so that different folder heights and document formats can be flexibly accommodated.

6. Check dimensions:

Before purchasing, make sure the specified dimensions of the filing cabinet meet your needs. Pay particular attention to the interior dimensions to ensure the storage space meets your needs.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you find a metal filing cabinet that will both fit into your space and provide enough space to safely store your important documents and folders.

The number of folders that fit in a metal filing cabinet depends on several factors, including the dimensions of the cabinet itself, the folder height, and how the shelves are arranged in the cabinet.

1. Folder dimensions:

A standard file folder is about 7.5 cm wide. This is an important factor because the width of the folders determines how many can fit next to each other on a shelf.

2. Shelves and available storage space:

The number and adjustability of the shelves determine how the space in the closet can be used. Many filing cabinets offer adjustable shelves so you can adjust the space between the shelves to fit the size of your files.

Factors that can affect capacity:

  • Space requirements: This number can vary depending on the actual thickness of the folders set and the space required for comfortable loading and unloading of the folders.

  • Storage: If documents or smaller items are to be stored in the cabinet in addition to the folders, this will reduce the folder capacity accordingly.

  • Interior design: Some filing cabinets offer specialized storage solutions, such as hanging files, that use the available space differently.

To determine the exact capacity of a filing cabinet for your specific files and needs, it is important to know the interior dimensions of the cabinet and how flexibly the shelves can be arranged. It is always advisable to plan some extra space to avoid overcrowding and make folders easier to access.

Metal filing cabinets offer many advantages in terms of durability and safety, but when it comes to the specific aspect of fire resistance, it is important to differentiate between general metal cabinets and specially designed fireproof safety cabinets.

General metal filing cabinets:

While standard metal filing cabinets are sturdy and can provide some protection from external influences, they are usually not fireproof in the true sense. Metal can conduct heat, which means that in the event of a fire, the internal temperature of the cabinet can rise quickly. This can result in the documents and materials stored inside being at risk, even if the outer casing of the cabinet is not directly damaged by fire.

Fireproof safety cabinets:

For real protection against fire, special fireproof safety cabinets are required. These cabinets are specifically designed to protect the contents from high temperatures and fire. You have:

  • Insulating materials: Fireproof cabinets are equipped with special insulating materials that can slow down heat transfer and maintain the internal temperature at a safe level for a certain period of time.

  • Seals: To maximize protection, these cabinets are often equipped with heat-resistant seals that swell when exposed to heat, further preventing heat and smoke from entering the cabinet.

Choosing the right cabinet:

If you need to store documents or materials to be protected in the event of a fire, it is important to invest in a dedicated fireproof safety cabinet. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the specific ratings and certifications that indicate the duration (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours) at which temperatures the cabinet can effectively protect the contents.

So, in summary, not all metal filing cabinets are fireproof. For true fire protection, consider specially designed fireproof safety cabinets that are designed to protect your valuable documents and items even in extreme conditions.

Find the right metal filing cabinet for your company

Choosing the perfect metal filing cabinet for your business is an important decision that can significantly impact the safety, organization, and efficiency of your work environment. At Lüllmann we understand the uniqueness of every need and therefore offer comprehensive advice to ensure you find the filing cabinet that exactly suits your needs.

Our expertise:

Our experts bring in-depth knowledge of the variety of metal filing cabinets available, from those with hinged doors and sliding doors to models with roller shutters. Whether you are looking for a solution for highly sensitive documents that require a lockable cabinet or need a sturdy, long-lasting office cabinet for everyday use, our team is ready to assist you with expertise and care.

Personalized advice:

We know that every business has unique needs. That's why we offer personalized advisory services to ensure your specific needs are met. From evaluating the optimal size and type of cabinet to choosing colors that complement your office interior, our goal is to find a solution that is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

Contact us:

For personal advice and to find out more about our extensive range of metal filing cabinets, you can reach us at the following telephone number and other contact options:

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  • Live chat: Our live chat is available on the website for quick questions and concerns.

Our customer service team is dedicated, friendly and ready to help you every step of the way. From the first inquiry to delivery – with Lüllmann you are in good hands.

Choose Lüllmann for high-quality metal filing cabinets and see for yourself why we are known for our quality, expertise and outstanding customer service. We look forward to helping you choose the ideal filing cabinet for your business.