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With an electrically height-adjustable desk, you can easily switch between sitting and standing. This ensures optimal posture during your work. Our electric desks offer you maximum comfort when adjusting the height. With just the push of a button, you can determine the ideal height for your needs, thereby minimizing the strain on your back and neck.

Our wide range of formats allows you to choose the perfect standing desk for your workspace. Whether you need a compact electric desk for a small office or a spacious adjustable office table for conferences, we have the option.

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Height-adjustable desks for ergonomic work

A height-adjustable desk is not just a piece of furniture, but the key to a contemporary and productive everyday work routine. At Lüllmann we understand how important it is that your work environment is not only practical but also ergonomic. That's why we offer high-quality electric desks that meet your modern working needs.

Why a height-adjustable desk?

  • Ergonomics for your health: With a height-adjustable desk you are investing in your health. The ability to adjust height and switch between sitting and standing can reduce back pain and increase productivity.

  • High-quality office furniture: Our electric desks are carefully crafted and offer the highest quality. You can rely on durability and a reliable work surface.

  • Practical and flexible: The adaptability of these desks makes them extremely practical. You can adjust the height according to your needs, creating an ideal work environment that adapts to you.

  • Productivity and satisfaction: Studies show that ergonomic office furniture can increase job satisfaction and productivity. With a height-adjustable desk you can create an environment in which you feel comfortable and can work with focus.

Join us on the way to a healthier and more efficient working life with our height-adjustable desks. We offer not only high-quality, but also practical and ergonomic solutions for your working environment. Invest in your health and productivity.

Electric desks in a variety of shapes

Our electric desks offer a wide range of variants to meet your needs in terms of height, width and functionality. With the push of a button of an electric control mechanism, you can effortlessly adjust the height of your desk to create an ergonomic work environment.

  • Height adjustability: Our electric desks are available in different height options to give you the opportunity to find the optimal height for your workspace. Whether sitting or standing – adjust the height individually to your needs.

  • A variety of widths: Whether you need a compact desk for a small room or a wider table for extensive work surfaces, our variants offer you the choice of the right width.

  • Electric adjustment: The electric frame of our desks allows for gentle and quick height adjustment at the push of a button. This straightforward technology allows you to adjust the height of the desk as desired.

Our electric desks offer not only height-adjustable options, but also a variety of widths and shapes to provide you with the optimal work surface for your individual needs. Experience effortless customization with our electric desks that enable flexibility and ergonomics in your workspace at the touch of a button.


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We offer high-quality electrically height-adjustable desks for an ergonomic working environment. Discover the right solutions for your needs with us – all conveniently available online.

Our unique selling points for commercial customers:

  • High quality: Our desks are carefully crafted from the best materials and offer long-lasting quality for demanding commercial use.

  • Extensive range online: Our wide range offers different options to suit every need. Discover the variety of electrically height-adjustable desks and find the right model for your company.

  • Dedicated advice for commercial customers: We offer tailored advice for commercial customers to ensure you get the desks that are best suited to your business.

  • Reliable delivery with a shipping company: Our service includes reliable and fast delivery. Our shipping company ensures that your desks reach you safely and on time.

Discover the variety of electrically height-adjustable desks online at Lüllmann and benefit from our special service for commercial customers. Create an ergonomic working environment for your company – trust our high-quality solutions and our professional support.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about our height-adjustable desks

What are the advantages of a height-adjustable desk?

A height-adjustable desk offers numerous benefits, especially for health and productivity in office environments. This investment pays off not only for employees, but also for the company itself.

  • Ergonomic adjustment: The ability to individually adjust the height of the desk allows for an ergonomic work environment. Employees can alternate between sitting and standing, helping to reduce posture problems and reduce back strain.

  • Health benefits: Height-adjustable desks support the overall health of employees. By being able to adjust their working height, they promote movement in everyday office life and reduce potential complaints such as back and neck pain.

  • Increase productivity: Studies show that an ergonomic workplace can increase productivity. Employees who feel more comfortable and can adopt appropriate posture tend to work more efficiently and with greater concentration.

  • Long-term investment: For companies, investing in height-adjustable desks is worthwhile in the long term. A healthy workforce leads to fewer absences due to health problems and improves employee work performance.

  • Employee satisfaction and retention: Providing ergonomic workstations shows employees that their well-being and health are valued. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Height-adjustable desks are not just a convenience feature, but a worthwhile investment for companies. Not only do they improve employee health, but they also promote a more productive work environment.

When choosing an electric height-adjustable desk, size and height are essential factors that should be tailored to the individual needs of your office and the way you work.

  • Space and office size: Before choosing a desk, consider the available space in your office. Carefully measure the area to ensure the desk has enough space without overcrowding the room.

  • Width and Depth: Pay attention to the width and depth of the desk as these affect the work surface and functionality. Different models offer different dimensions, so it is important to choose a model that meets your needs while still fitting into the intended space.

  • Maximum Height: If you plan to use the desk both sitting and standing, consider the maximum height of the desk. Some models offer greater height adjustability, allowing the desk to be optimally adjusted for both working positions.

  • Adjustment while sitting and standing: Depending on your needs, you should check whether the desk should also serve as a standing desk. Some models offer higher maximum heights to ensure an ergonomic standing height.

Choosing the right electric height-adjustable desk requires careful consideration of the available space, the desired width and depth, and the possible height adjustments. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your desk will best fit your workspace and meet your needs.

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