Küchenausstattung: Büros, Wohnheime & mehr einrichten

Ob Sie eine kleine Büroküche einrichten oder viele Einheiten in einem Gebäude mit Küchenausstattung bestücken: Die Grundausstattung für eine simple und funktionale Küche finden Sie in unserem Sortiment.

The pantry kitchen with refrigerator is of course an optimal all-in-one solution that combines cooking options, storage space for fresh and non-perishable foods and a sink. With our various kitchen base cabinets, upper cabinets and tall cabinets, you can design and expand the structure of your kitchen individually. Our selection of refrigerators, hotplates and microwaves will help you complete your kitchenette with high-quality electrical appliances.

Storage space as needed: kitchen base cabinets & more

Kitchen base cabinets and upper cabinets are the essential elements of a well-designed kitchen. Not only do they provide storage space for dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils, but they also contribute to the aesthetic design of the room. At Lüllmann you will find a wide range of base cabinets, wall cabinets, sink cabinets and tall cabinets that meet your individual needs and the available space.

A variety of designs for every kitchen

The base cabinets are available in different sizes and designs. From models with doors and drawers to open shelves, Luellmann offers a variety of options to meet your storage needs. The stable construction guarantees a long service life and offers enough space for long-lasting food and kitchen utensils.

The kitchen upper cabinets perfectly complement the base cabinets and offer additional storage space for dishes, glasses and other kitchen utensils. With different sizes, they fit seamlessly into your kitchen design and optimize the available space.

Combine as desired

The modular cabinet elements can be combined as desired to create a tailor-made kitchen solution. Whether you need more storage space or want to make optimal use of the existing kitchen space, the different designs from Lüllmann enable you to design your kitchen flexibly.

Discover the diverse options of kitchen base cabinets, upper cabinets, sink cabinets and tall cabinets at Lüllmann and transform your kitchen into a functional and stylish space.

Pantry kitchens for break rooms, hostels etc.

Pantry kitchens are the ideal solution for break rooms, hostels and other accommodations where a compact and functional kitchen solution is required. At Lüllmann you will find a selection of pantry kitchens with integrated refrigerators, sinks, hotplates and other practical functions.

Complete solution for small spaces

Pantry kitchens are compact and space-saving, but still offer all the necessary functions of a full kitchen. With an integrated fridge, sink and hotplates, they are a practical all-in-one solution for small spaces such as break rooms, hostels or accommodation.

Versatile equipment for different requirements

Lüllmann's pantry kitchens are available in different versions to meet different requirements. They are ready to plug in and easy to install so they are ready to use straight away. With an integrated freezer compartment, they also offer the option of storing food for a longer period of time.

Perfect for break rooms, hostels and more

Pantry kitchens are not only practical, but also extremely versatile. They are ideal for corporate break rooms where employees can quickly prepare a meal. They are also a welcome addition to hostels and other accommodations to give guests the opportunity to self-cater.

Discover the wide range of pantry kitchen options at Lüllmann and find the perfect solution for your needs.

Keep fresh and cook: refrigerator, microwave and more

When it comes to equipping your kitchen, refrigerators, microwaves and hotplates are essential items. At Lüllmann, we offer a diverse selection of high-quality appliances to help you keep food fresh and prepare delicious meals.

Diverse selection of refrigerators

Our refrigerators are available in different versions to suit individual needs. We offer a wide range of models, from practical full-room refrigerators to space-saving free-standing units. With adjustable shelves and spacious door compartments, our refrigerators offer enough space for all your food. Many of our models also have an integrated freezer compartment to store food for longer periods and optimize space requirements.

Practical cooking solutions for every kitchen

We also offer a selection of practical cooking solutions for preparing your favorite dishes. Our double hotplate is ideal for small kitchens or as additional cooking facilities. With two hobs and a compact design, it is a practical addition to any kitchen. Our microwave with 700W power allows you to warm up or cook food quickly and easily.

Make keeping things fresh and cooking easier in your kitchen with high-quality appliances from Lüllmann. Discover our range and find the perfect solution for your needs.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about kitchen equipment

What is included in the basic equipment of a kitchen?

The basic equipment of a kitchen forms the backbone for efficient cooking, storage and cleaning. Here are the essential elements that no kitchen should be without:

  • Sink: A sink is essential for cleaning dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils.

  • Refrigerator: A refrigerator keeps food fresh and extends its shelf life. It also offers enough space for drinks and other refrigerated products.

  • Storage space: Storage space in the form of cupboards, shelves and drawers is important for neatly storing kitchen utensils, dishes, food and other items.

  • Stovetops: Stovetops or a stove with hobs allow you to cook and fry food.

  • Microwave: A microwave is convenient for reheating food, defrosting food, and preparing meals quickly.

This list forms the basis for a simple but functional kitchen design. Of course, depending on your needs and preferences, other elements such as an oven, an extractor hood, a dishwasher or special kitchen appliances can be added.

The cost of a basic kitchen can vary greatly depending on individual requirements, the size of the kitchen and the elements desired. Basic kitchen equipment typically consists of base cabinets, tall cabinets and wall cabinets. These can serve as a base to store your cooking utensils, dishes and food.

At Lüllmann we also offer a practical alternative to traditional kitchen equipment: the pantry kitchen. These compact kitchen units are an ideal solution for small spaces or as an additional kitchen in guest rooms, offices or apartments. A galley kitchen typically contains a sink, hotplates, and often a refrigerator, all in one compact unit.

The cost of a basic kitchen typically starts at a few hundred euros for inexpensive models. However, prices may vary depending on the quality, size and additional features of the kitchen elements. Pantry kitchens are often an inexpensive option starting at just under €900.

Whether you choose a traditional kitchen interior or a galley kitchen, it's important to keep your budget in mind and carefully compare the different options to find the best solution for your needs.

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