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Steel furniture is being used increasingly in modern workplace design as it can be perfectly combined with any other material due to its timeless, neutral design. Steel furniture offers integrated fire protection and is easy to clean, durable and versatile in terms of colour. In addition to the classic desk with a matching, ergonomic office chair as the heart of the office, we offer the corresponding storage and organisation options, primarily in steel, but also in wood decor, to enable you to work efficiently and in an orderly manner, as well as a portfolio of various upholstered and visitor/ canteen chairs. We offer you among other things: Mobile pedestals, desk-end pedestals/ rolling cabinets, file shelves, file cabinets, sideboards, whiteboards, filing cabinets, office trolleys and folder rotation columns that simplify space-saving storage and sorting of your work utensils and files in various filing systems.

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Lüllmann container furnishings

In 1964, construction engineer Horst Lüllmann founded "Horst Lüllmann GmbH" to sell steel furniture for construction site containers. We know the demands of our loyal customers from the construction industry for durable, robust furniture that makes efficient use of the limited space of modular buildings. As construction site containers/ trailers and are not only workplaces, i.e. office containers, but also accommodations, e.g. common rooms, lunch rooms, dormitory/ sleeping quarters for construction workers, soldiers and refugees, for events or camps, we offer you a wide range of products. From lockers for storing work clothes, to meeting tables, break tables, seminar tables, chairs made of tubular steel, to kitchen cabinets and kitchen equipment, bunk beds, mattresses, bed linen, hotplates, dishwashers, refrigerators and pantry kitchens.

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Lüllmann facility furnishings

As a manufacturer of steel furniture, we are particularly specialized in the production of lockers and steel cabinets for every field of application. Click on our category "lockers & steel cabinets" to find all of our steel cabinets, including steel lockers, sideboards, roller shutter cabinets, filing cabinets, hanging file cabinets and compartment cabinets. In the category "facility furnishings, "you will find additional workshop equipment (workbenches, workshop cupboards, tool cupboards), benches, wastebaskets and bench wardrobes to offer you a full range of furniture which is tailored to the requirements of any kind of industry.

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Lüllmann GmbH

As manufacturer and wholesaler we supply office retailers, online retail partners and container rental firms as well as aid and government organizations and companies of different sectors. Lüllmann has long since become a trade name. With the company’s own trucks and our proven logistics partners, we deliver to addresses throughout Germany and across Europe. Around 1300 pieces of furniture – cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, and more – leave our facilities daily and reach specialist dealers and their customers. Many of them are long-standing customers. In addition to our all-round service, flexibility, speed, and reliability, our customers appreciate the personal touch and good spirits of a family company that continue to be felt in our highly modern enterprise.

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