Accommodation rooms

Functional steel furniture for temporary accommodation

For a longer stay in a container accommodation or a dormitory, you want a homely atmosphere despite the unfamiliar circumstances. When furnishing the dormitory, functionality is the main focus, because space is limited and the furniture should offer comfort without taking up too much space. Our container furnishings offer an optimal middle ground to meet all requirements. Steel furniture has established itself as a reliable alternative to container furnishings and is very popular in various industries. Whether fire brigade, police, public institutions or construction companies - more and more companies and organizations are relying on the extremely durable steel furniture. In dormitories, steel cabinets or lockers as well as beds with robust steel frames are a good option. This furniture not only impresses with its resilience, but also with its durability.

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We offer a wide range of office furniture for efficient work organisation in office containers, such as those used on a construction site. This includes filing cabinets, shelves, mobile containers, work and computer tables. The range is complemented by swivel chairs and stacking chairs, which are ideal for small meetings. Our steel furniture is particularly suitable for the robust requirements in residential accommodation and office containers. Quality and durability are the main focus of our furniture in order to withstand the demanding conditions.