Changing room

Ensure the well-being of your employees and visitors and the safe storage of personal belongings with well-thought-out design and equipment.

Practical design of a changing room: focus on efficiency and comfort

Changing rooms are more than just a means to an end, a way to quickly change from street clothes to work clothes. They are often also a place to relax after a long day and talk to colleagues. In order to do justice to these additional tasks, appropriate furniture that has proven itself in practice is important. Discover the wide range of design options with us to make your changing room functional and inviting.

Diverse range of lockers: safety and order in every area

We present our diverse range of lockers that ensure greater safety and order in every area. Our robust fire department lockers are specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of the fire department and offer optimal storage space for equipment. Clothes lockers create personal space in changing areas, while laundry lockers simplify the organization of dirty and clean laundry in hotels or healthcare facilities. For changing rooms with limited space, we recommend our space-saving Z-lockers. With Lüllmann lockers, you can create an organized, safe and efficient work area. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information about our high-quality models that are suitable for every need! In addition to lockers, seating is of course also important. These can be placed between the lockers. Alternatively, the lockers can be equipped with a base frame with a bench.

The effect of colors on mood and productivity

The choice of color plays a crucial role in the design of rooms and has a significant influence on people's mood. The effect of colors on people is varied. For example, colors can have an invigorating, motivating, calming or inspiring effect. In windowless rooms such as workshops or storage rooms, it is advisable to work with friendly color concepts to brighten up the room.

Warm colors and earth tones such as red, yellow, orange or brown convey a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. Cool colors such as white, blue, light blue or dark green, on the other hand, radiate seriousness and objectivity. These are particularly suitable for changing rooms in laboratories or office buildings.

Changing rooms are not only used for changing, but also as a meeting place for employees to exchange ideas and relax after a demanding day at work. It is therefore crucial to equip this room with appropriate furnishings and a suitable color concept.