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Fire brigade lockers are indispensable in the equipment of a fire station. They provide structured organization for fire brigade equipment and thus guarantee that every second is used efficiently in an emergency.

With enough storage space for helmets, boots and protective clothing as well as adjustable compartments for personal items, these lockers optimally support emergency services. The high-quality workmanship ensures a long service life – even with intensive use. Our fire department lockers are a worthwhile investment for the fire department, THW and other rescue services as well as responsible municipalities and authorities.The high-quality workmanship ensures a long service life – even with intensive use. Our fire department lockers are a worthwhile investment for the fire department, THW and other rescue services as well as responsible municipalities and authorities.


Fire brigade cabinets in various sizes

Fire brigade cabinets are an indispensable element in every fire station in order to store the emergency services' equipment safely and orderly. At Lüllmann we offer a diverse selection of fire brigade cabinets in different dimensions and with different numbers of compartments.

Individual customization options:

  • Width and height: Our fire department cabinets are available in different widths and heights to suit the different spatial conditions in fire stations. From narrow cabinets for limited space to wider versions for spacious storage rooms, we offer solutions for every situation.

  • Number of compartments: Depending on requirements, fire department cabinets can be configured with an individual number of compartments. From individual compartments for personal equipment to multi-compartment cabinets for storing shared equipment, we offer flexible options for optimal organization.

Adaptation to the fire station:

  • Optimal setup: With the ability to individually adjust the size and number of compartments, fire stations can optimally adapt their fire cabinets to their spatial conditions and requirements. This allows for efficient use of available space and ensures orderly storage of equipment.

  • Additional Equipment: In addition to custom sizing, fire cabinets can be equipped with various additional equipment such as vented doors, lockers, hooks or holders for helmets, hoses and other equipment to meet the specific needs of the fire department.

Our fire cabinets not only provide safe and organized storage of equipment, but also the flexibility and adaptability to meet the unique needs of each fire station. Contact us to find the optimal configuration for your fire station.

Fire department lockers in durable quality

Our fire brigade lockers stand for first-class quality and reliability, which meet the high requirements in fire stations and other areas of use. Made from high quality metal, they provide a robust and stable storage solution for emergency responders' equipment.

  • Metal construction: The fire department lockers have a welded metal body that ensures maximum stability and durability. This robust construction ensures that the lockers can withstand the daily stresses of use.

  • Powder coating: The lockers are finished with a high-quality powder-coated finish, which not only offers an attractive look but is also scratch-resistant. This coating provides additional protection against damage and ensures that the lockers still look like new even after many years of use.

  • Long-lasting quality: Thanks to the combination of high-quality metal and scratch-resistant powder coating, our fire department lockers are extremely durable and resistant. They can withstand even the most demanding operating conditions and remain reliably in shape for many years.

  • Environmentally friendly: The powder-coated paint is not only scratch-resistant, but also more environmentally friendly than traditional painting processes. This makes our fire department lockers a sustainable choice for municipalities and authorities who value not only long-lasting quality, but also environmental protection.

Our fire department lockers are the ideal solution for fire stations and other areas that require high-quality, long-lasting storage solutions. Rely on the quality and reliability of our fire department lockers to keep your emergency services' equipment safe and organized.


Valuable compartment doors & benches for fire department lockers

Our fire brigade lockers not only offer a secure storage solution for emergency services equipment, but can also be individually equipped with practical additional options to meet the needs of firefighters.

Valuables doors and valuables compartments:

  • Safe storage of valuables: With our optional valuables compartment doors, valuables and personal items can be safely stored in the locker. These additional compartments provide protected storage for wallets, cell phones, keys and other valuable items during use.

  • Individual configuration: The compartments can be individually integrated into the fire department lockers to meet the personal needs of every firefighter. This creates a tailored storage solution that meets the needs of everyday use.

Benches and bench bases:

  • Additional seating and storage options: Our fire department lockers can be equipped with benches and bench bases to create additional seating and storage options in the locker area. These convenient add-on options provide firefighters with a convenient way to rest or remove their gear before or after changing.

  • Space-saving solution: The bench base frames are installed under the lockers to save space in order to make optimal use of the available space. This not only ensures efficient use of space, but also creates an orderly and tidy environment.

With our individually addable valuables compartment doors and benches, we offer practical additional options for our fire department lockers to increase functionality and comfort for emergency services. Contact us to find out more about our fire department lockers and their optional additional equipment.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about our fire department lockers

What distinguishes fire department lockers from normal lockers?

Fire department lockers differ from normal lockers primarily in their special features and functionality, which meet the needs of firefighters in action.

Special features of fire department lockers:

  • Special Equipment: Firefighter lockers are designed to keep firefighters' special equipment safe and organized. This includes helmets, protective clothing, boots, gloves and other emergency materials.

  • Clear organization: The lockers provide a clear organization to make equipment quick and easy to find. Well-thought-out interior divisions and special holders enable orderly storage.

  • Quick access in the event of an emergency: Fire brigade lockers are designed so that the equipment is quickly at hand in the event of an emergency. Every firefighter can immediately find and put on his or her personal equipment to be ready for action quickly.

  • Identical arrangement: Ideally, the arrangement of equipment in each individual locker is identical to ensure consistent and efficient use. This ensures optimal organization and quick orientation in an emergency.

Fire department lockers are specifically designed to meet the needs of firefighters in the field and provide a reliable storage solution for their life-saving equipment. Thanks to their well-thought-out design and practical functionality, fire department lockers play a crucial role in safety and efficiency in the fire service.

The costs for high-quality fire department lockers vary depending on size, number of compartments and design. Our price range for fire department lockers is typically between €136.50 for a simple locker without doors and €743.50 for a fire department locker with 4 compartments, locker and valuables compartment doors.

Exact costs may vary depending on specific requirements and configurations. For an individual offer and further information about our fire department lockers, please contact our sales team. Our expert advisors are available to help you choose the right fire lockers to suit your needs and budget.

Fire cabinets should have a range of features to ensure firefighters' special equipment is stored safely and orderly. The most important equipment elements include:

  1. Compartments: Fire cabinets should have multiple compartments to allow each firefighter's personal equipment to be stored separately.

  2. Hat Base: A hat base provides space for helmets and other headgear, ensuring they are stored safely and securely.

  3. Clothes rail: A clothes rail allows you to hang emergency clothing such as jackets and overalls, making it easier to put them on quickly in an emergency.

  4. Metal hooks: Metal hooks provide additional hanging options for protective clothing, bags and other equipment.

  5. Helmet holder: Special helmet holders ensure that helmets stay securely in place and do not fall or become damaged.

  6. Multiplex board: A robust multiplex board serves as a stable storage surface for heavier items such as breathing apparatus or toolboxes.

  7. Valuables compartment: Fire brigade cabinets can optionally be equipped with a valuables compartment to safely store personal items and valuables.

These features ensure orderly and safe storage of equipment in fire cabinets and make it easier for firefighters to access their equipment in the event of an emergency.

Fire department lockers are suitable for various rooms and facilities where firefighters and other emergency services need to keep their equipment safe and organized. These include in particular:

  1. Fire stations: Fire department lockers are essential in fire stations, where firefighters store their turnout clothing and personal equipment before heading out on a call.

  2. Changing rooms: In changing rooms at fire stations or other emergency services, fire department lockers offer the opportunity to safely store emergency personnel's personal equipment and create a tidy work area.

  3. Break rooms: Fire department lockers can also be used in break rooms or lounges at fire stations and rescue services to safely store employees' personal belongings.

  4. Social spaces: In social spaces where firefighters and other emergency services can spend their free time or rest, fire department lockers offer a practical option for storing personal items.

However, fire department lockers are not just limited to firefighters, but can also be used in other rescue services such as the Technical Relief Organization (THW) or in the rescue service. Fire brigade lockers are an ideal solution wherever emergency services need to store their equipment safely and orderly.

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