Recreation rooms

A break room is a company's social meeting point. The importance of social interaction in everyday working life should not be underestimated. Relationships and ideas develop between a quick chat at the coffee machine, a relaxed conversation during the lunch break and creative brainstorming over a snack. A pleasant ambience promotes well-being and increases the performance of employees. Modern office furniture concepts today go far beyond desks and chairs, towards well-thought-out room designs and intelligent furniture that supports productivity in everyday working life.

We maximize the possibilities of social spaces.

With know-how from classic wardrobes to high-quality changing rooms and tailor-made room concepts.

The newly designed rooms promote team cohesion and encourage exchange outside of the workplace. High-quality break and changing rooms increase productivity and efficiency.


We maximize the possibilities of social spaces.

Social spaces must meet the needs of groups and individuals alike. The design must enable a harmonious interplay of individual development and communal exchange. The challenge is to create a well-thought-out design concept that brings work performance, communication and relaxation into harmony.