Sustainable office furniture from Lüllmann: Make your company environmentally friendly

Whether a large company or a small start-up, a public institution or a non-profit organization: Lüllmann is your reliable partner for sustainable office furniture. With almost 60 years of experience in manufacturing and selling high-quality steel furniture, we are real pioneers in sustainability. Our products, from lockers to metal cabinets to storage shelves and filing cabinets, combine quality, durability and ecological responsibility.


Sustainable steel office furniture offers numerous advantages

Sustainable office furnishings or storage room furnishings are not only positive for our environment, but also for your company. You benefit from these advantages with sustainable steel furniture from Lüllmann:

  • 100% recyclability: Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the complete recyclability of our steel furniture.

  • Longevity and resource conservation: The extraordinary durability of steel minimizes resource consumption over the lifespan of our products.

  • Optimal suitability for the circular economy: Thanks to the almost complete recyclability of steel, our furniture contributes to a sustainable future.

  • Reduction of waste products in construction: Lüllmann steel furniture helps reduce waste and supports reuse in other industries.

Sustainable office furniture & equipment for modern workplace environments

Our range of sustainable steel furniture is not only a commitment to the environment, but also to the aesthetics and functionality of modern workplaces. Lüllmann offers solutions that meet the requirements for sustainable office furnishings and operating equipment as well as react flexibly to the changing needs of your company.

Discover our range now with these and many other sustainable steel furniture to make your company environmentally friendly:

  • Steel cabinets such as metal lockers, cloakroom cabinets with lockers or fire department cabinets

  • Equipment for storage and operations such as cabinets and shelves, workbenches or ladders and steps

  • Office furniture such as filing cabinets, hanging file and file cabinets, modern desks and office tables, roll containers or standing containers


Sustainability at Lüllmann:
A holistic approach

From production to delivery and packaging: At Lüllmann we focus on sustainability at all stages of the process.

  • 100% green electricity: At Lüllmann we only use green electricity to minimize the ecological footprint of our production.

  • Electromobility: Our company car fleet consists almost entirely of electric vehicles in order to make our logistics future-proof through sustainable mobility. Four charging stations on our company premises ensure the supply of electricity.

  • Recycling with environmental certificate: Through our participation in the Green Dot, we guarantee environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of our packaging.

Why choose Lüllmann for sustainable office furniture?

With Lüllmann you are choosing a partner who combines sustainability, quality and design. Our steel furniture not only offers an environmentally friendly solution for your office, but also sets new standards in durability and style.

Would you like to find out more about Lüllmann and our history? Then take a look at our company profile!